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Aion Online Asmo Leveling Guide

Just thought I'd share my leveling information to let you level as easily as possible =)

Note: /where command should be used regularly if you cannot find an NPC or location.

1-10: Follow the quests in Ishalgen. Once you hit level 9, do your ascension quest FIRST. Go to Munin, go and get the 3 cards, and see your future, get your sub class and go to panda with Munins teleport offer. Go to Heimdall and get the cinematic. Now go down to the great temple and get your official ascension cinematic. Go and get your sub class abilities and your green weapon from the class trainer.

Now go back to Ishalgen, and finish the rest of the quests you have there.

10-22: Go to Altgard from Ishalgen and pick up all the quests you can there. Follow the quest lines untill Lvl 16~17. Now get a group together and run BC untill ~22.

22-25: Quest mainly in Morheim. A BC run here and there won't hurt. If you still havn't completed your level 20 campain quest, you should get that done before continueing.

25-28: Time to go to the Abyss! Complete your training quest, and use the portal above Morheim. Your first order of bussiness should be to get your quest in Reshanta completed to gain access to NTC. Once that is done, you should look for a group to do NTC. Every time NTC is unavailable for whatever reason, go to the little Island RIGHT outside Primum to the west. It has level 26 Balaurs on it. Once you reach level 28, you are no longer able to run NTC, and will be stuck with grinding for alittle while.

28-30: Grinding Balaurs on the islands west of Primum.

30-36: Time to get your FT key. Get a group, or if you're in a legion, get a high level and a healer, and help you through your 3 keys quest. Once it is completed, you will gain the Fire Temple key, which will get you access to FT. Run FT relentlessly untill 36. If FT is unavailable, go to the Upper Abyss and grind on the level 33 balaurs at Sword Island(directly west of Asteria). If 33 is too low for you, go to the Island right below Sword Island on the map, and grind on the undead there.

36-40: Time to run MM! Get a group and get going! Once you're ~lvl 37 or so, get the quests you can at the Silver Mane tribe, which asks you to farm hundreds of Mist Mane Mau Hairs. These can give you some REALLY nice blue boots with 20% speed! Very useful for pvp! When MM is unavailable due to lack of groups, Go and farm on Drakes or Flame Tribe mobs near Miren Fortress.

(NOTE! Should only be used by Rangers, Sorcerers, Spirit Masters, or Clerics: You can farm elites to get all the way to 40 before even running MM if you wish. You can only farm the elites if you're one of the above classes though! 

Go here:

It's a hard path! The trick is to avoid as many of the leph mobs as possible! Avoid mobs untill you see a ruined train track leading into a collapsed mine. It has a wooden structure infront of it. Run around the right of it, and wait for patrolling mobs to clear out(if a duo patrol is comming your way, run over and hug the collapsed mine entrance). You should now see a building right across the courtyard, with a warlock and a pretor guard guarding it. If you have CCs, sleep the warlock, root the pretor, and run in(make sure the patrolling Lab Warrior is clear!). You're in!!! This is the best farming spot that I've ever come across, since hardly anyone wanna bother with getting here. You can farm Lab Warriors, Lab Outriders(Stealthed at bottom of ramp), Lab Healers, and Lab Chargers. The rest should be avoided as they're ranged.

There's a narrow walk way above the bottom of the ramp. This is your life beam, the mobs can't reach you there! It is also what you should use when a mob gets close to you. When they do, run across the ramp and resume DPS. This can be a slow process for level 36-37s, but the 300k xp per kill is worth it! At level 38 my sorc could kill the warriors in 2min 30sec, and the lab outriders in 1m 25sec. Due to fear, I think SMs can kill even faster.

40-~45: Run SR and MM, though MM should now be put on the shelf alittle. If you still havnt gotten the boots by now, go ahead and buy the rest on the broker unless they're rediculously expensive.

At this level, SR Mid becomes available. Do the quests the lead to it, they begin at the right side of the airship docks. A small shugo ship is docked there, with one shugo standing next to it, and 3 shugos standing in triangle formation further in on the platform. This is where the quest begins. Once you're done with the quests, you should gain access to the Wine quest, and the Hat quest(Ignore the wine quest, the huge expense required for it is NOT worth the gold shoulders you recieve for your troubles). The hat quest however, is VERY good to run. It begins with the shugo standing right next to the staircase that leads from Primum to the airship docks. Turn it in 30 times, and you get a REALLY nice gold hat!!!

45~49: SR U/L.

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