Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Aion Online 99 Cube Inventory Slots Guide

Dont take me wrong but ive had 99 slots for some time now and it surprised me that some people still do not! Im not trying to brag, that is not my intent here, but to help others gain max cube space =)

(Elyos only but very easy to translate over to our fury friends. Its almost the same!)

Here is a List that helped me achieve this.

The First 3 Cube Rows are standard.

– Row 1
– Row 2
– Row 3

The Next Row is Bought in poeta from Baevrunerk, and yes I Know im broke atm too many Firm Balaur Skins :P

– Row 4 Level 1: 36 slots
The next Three are located in Sanctum Directly across from the Broker.
They are bought from Heerunerk or Yiehmonerk

– Row 5 Level 2: 45 slots
– Row 6 Level 3: 54 slots
– Row 7 Level 4: 63 slots

The Next Cube slot is bought from Jarumonerk. For i think 350,000 kinah.

Full map view

– Row 8 Level 5: 72 slots

The next cube slot is from Sanctum again. Its a quest you can get at level 29 called "A Lucky Day" you go to Yiehmonerk near the broker and pick it up then go to Demodocos near the Sanctum "Lift" to complete it.

– Row 9 Level 6: 81 slots

The Final rows are the hardest to get cause they involve camping.
Here is a Link to the quest at 35 http://www.aionarmory.com/quest.aspx?id=1563.

You basically go to Heiron and kill a named pig called Jaku The Glutton

Take that book and read it. Then give it to Kohrunerk on Black Cloud island.

Full Map

From there Continue to Follow the Quests till you get to a quest where you must find Vindachinerk.

Vindachinerk appears during specific hours of the day on the different locations (01:00-06:00, 08:00-14:00, and 16:00-22:00 game time) and has three possible location where he may appear.

See the X's on this map.

– Row 10 Level 7: 90 slots

The last and final Row you can get to this date is the easiest! Just play aion! One month later, and you well get the Pop Daeva Reward. Just apply to your characters online athttps://secure.ncsoft.com/cgi-bin/accountManagement.pl and apply to your accnt / Character!

– Row 11 Level 8: 99 slots

The last row past 99 is yet to be determined at this time. =(

- Row 12 Level 9: ?????

Thanks for reading and see you around =)

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