Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Truth Behind Aion Mastery

Aion came out,a few years ago, but along with it came a slew of new game guides that promised all sorts of crazy things. In the long run, I haven’t been all that impressed with what they’ve had to offer. But, I’m always game to try out new ones because I know eventually someone will figure it out.

So, now that we have the newest Aion guide on our desks in Aion Mastery, I’m actually pretty excited to tell you that I’ve uncovered what is probably the first really good Aion guide. Before I start gushing though, let me show you exactly why this thing stands out.

Using the Guide

First off, I don’t normally play games with guides. But, even I’m considering giving Aion a shot with this thing. The game is much more in-depth and harder than the existing games I’ve been playing for so many years. WoW is a cakewalk next to the grinding you’re doing in this thing, so a guide is an awesome resource for just that reason.

I started the guide out around Level 11, where one of my alts had started. In a matter of minutes I had the gist of how to use the guide and was well on my way to level 12 and beyond. It took me only the rest of the week to reach Level 30. I’ve only been using the guide for the last 2 weeks, but I’m already Level 36 and am grinding strong, well on my way to the top.

That said, I like to have enough Kinah in my bags to afford everything I need along the way. That’s where Aion Mastery really stands out, by offering the old guide package with Kinah making strategies built in. And, considering how new the guide is, these strategies are pretty fantastic.

The Bottom Line

I didn’t expect to find a truly good Aion guide this early on after the game came out, but with Aion Mastery we have one. And the best part is that it is being updated nearly constantly as the game progresses and new strategies are uncovered. So, even if you’re not finding quite enough strategies as an Armorcrafter now, in a couple weeks, you’ll be set. I cannot recommend Aion Mastery enough – this thing really gets the job done.

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