Monday, February 6, 2012

Can Aion Mastery Really Get You Kinah and Level 50?

There are a lot of guides out there that claim all sorts of crazy things, so whenever a new MMO is launched, I get a TON of emails and comments asking me about this guide and that guide. Right now, I’m working my way through a few different Aion guides, but I’ve got to be honest with you – only one of them thus far has shown itself to be even remotely as effective as it claims.

What Aion Mastery Claims to Do
So, here’s the deal. Unlike a few other guides out there, Aion Mastery tries to cover just about everything you’ll need when you start playing the game. That means it includes an Elyos and Asmodian leveling guide as well as a Kinah guide to get you up to the numbers most players are aiming for (at least, the numbers I’m aiming for).

But, do those guides actually provide everything you need? Most of the time, when I look these kinds of things up, I find that they are loaded up with easy to find, free information from the Internet. But, this time around, I have to say, this guy did his homework. He didn’t just load up on free info and vague quest details. He shows you exactly how to get through everything you need up to level 50 and to 1 million Kinah (and beyond).

I don’t usually keep using these guides after I’ve given them their fair due either, but with Aion Mastery, I think I’ll still be playing this game for weeks and months to come using the guides provided. They’re that good.

Getting the Most Out of Aion Mastery
In the end, Aion Mastery is the best looking new guide for the top new MMO out there. I hate to sound too much like a commercial, but the truth is that I can’t find a single guide out there that provides as much info, as fast a leveling path, and as detailed of strategies as Aion Mastery. It gets the job done and then some.

If you’re looking for a good Aion guide, you ought to check this thing out – it’s well worth your time.

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