Sunday, February 21, 2021

New Feature: Yornforged Weapons

As we highlighted in yesterday’s news post, we will soon be adding new features to Aion up to and including what was present in the September 9th patch in Korea. Today we are revealing the second new feature coming with this patch: Yornforged Weapons!
Yornforged Weapon Sets

A new weapon set is arriving in Atreia with new progression paths, bonus stats, and unique abilities. Titled ‘Yornforged Weapons’, these stout armaments began their lives not entirely whole but, with your help, can be nurtured into Ultimate grade weapons which bestow incredible strength to their wielder.
Incomplete Yornforged Weapon

Incomplete Yornforged Weapons can be acquired from end-game instances and world bosses. These weapons hold less initial strength, but they also possess a wealth of potential power.

To progress them from this infantile stage, the weapon must possess +10 enchantment. In addition, Daevas must secure a new material called Essence of the Craftsman, which can be obtained by extracting (and consequently destroying) unwanted Yornforged weapons.
Yornforged Weapon

Successful promotion will yield a Yornforged Weapon, which is the second and middle-stage of progress. Melee Yornforged Weapons can have an additional bonus which makes them extendable*, meaning they have double the attack range of normal melee weapons of their type. Three different versions exist, each imbues stats specialized for certain classes or playstyles.

Once a Yornforged Weapon reaches +15 enchantment, the weapon can again be upgraded, this time to Tier 3. This promotion requires Essence of the Craftsman and has a chance to fail. Failure will return a +10 tier 2 weapon box.
Yornforged Named Weapon

Success will yield a Yornforged Named Weapon, the most powerful tier of any Yornforged Weapon. They are Ultimate grade and have a unique naming convention, unlike the previous tiers. Similar to Tier 2 Yornforged Weapons, there are three different stat options and the melee weapons* are extendable. As an added bonus, some of the ranged weapons have a unique weapon skill, Yornforged Living Masterpiece, which will create a buff zone that applies bonus stats to players standing inside of it.

Yornforged weapons present a new way for Daevas to grow and wield their power. We wish you the best of luck in acquiring your first sets of them, and on your path towards acquiring your first Named Weapon!

Happy hunting out there Daevas!

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