Thursday, June 29, 2023

The Return of Aion's Hungry Hatchling Event: Nurture Your Own Stormwing and Reap Rewards


Prepare to embark on an endearing adventure as the Hungry Hatchlings Event returns to Aion! From June 27 to August 22, 2023, players are invited to nurture their very own baby Stormwing and reap a bounty of rewards for their dedication and love.

How to Participate

To participate in this event, acquire a Newly-Hatched Stormwing Orb from the Black Cloud Marketplace for 0 Black Cloud Coins. Once summoned, your baby Stormwing will offer daily quests that improve as they level up. Remember, you can only obtain one Newly-Hatched Stormwing Orb per account, so make sure to pick it up with your preferred character.

In order to grow your Stormwing into a formidable adult, you'll need to gather Storm Tokens. Earn one Storm Token for every two hours you're logged in, up to a maximum of 12 Storm Tokens per day. In addition, 5 Storm Tokens can be purchased for 0 Black Cloud Coin from the Black Cloud Marketplace every day during the event. Players can also look forward to receiving 10 Storm Tokens via survey every weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

Growing Your Stormwing

The main cities of Inggison and Gelkmaros are home to Zudra, who is ready and waiting to help evolve your Stormwing Hatchling. There are seven additional Stormwing Orbs available to purchase from Zudra. Each subsequent orb requires an increasing amount of Storm Tokens and must be purchased in the following order: Baby Stormwing Orb, Timid Stormwing Orb, Hungry Stormwing Orb, Curious Stormwing Orb, Playful Stormwing Orb, Affectionate Stormwing Orb, and Loyal Stormwing Orb. Use these orbs to evolve your Stormwing Hatchling and unlock better quest rewards.

Stormwing Levels & Rewards

As your Stormwing levels up, it offers daily quests with rewards that improve over time. You'll also get one quest per level (after level 1) that provides bonus rewards.

The rewards for leveling up and completing daily quests range from "[Event] Zudra’s Gift Box" at level 1 to "[Event] Legendary Apsotle Transformation Contract Selection Box (12 types)" and "[Event] Zudra’s Prime Gift Box" at level 8. The number of required Storm Tokens increases with each level, from 0 at level 1 to 100 at levels 7 and 8.

The daily quest rewards come in various bundles, such as "[Event] Zudra’s Gift Box", "[Event] Zudra’s Impressive Gift Box", and "[Event] Zudra’s Prime Gift Box". These bundles contain a variety of items, from Grade A Minium to [Event] Special Transformation Contract (62 types) and [Event] Berdin's Giant Lucky Star.

Stormwing Buffs

Your Stormwing won't just be a companion, but also a valuable ally in battle. As it evolves, your Stormwing will offer different buffs. From the "Baby Stormwing" to the "Playful Stormwing" levels, you'll receive "Stormwing's Cheer" and "+1 Zudra's Approval" buffs, providing enhancements to physical and magical attack, accuracy, attack speed, casting speed, and moving speed.

Event Conclusion

It's important to note that several items and event quests will be removed during maintenance on Tuesday, August 22. The items to be removed include "[Event] Stormwing Lv1LV8 Summon Orb", "[Event] Stormwing Lv1LV8", "[Event] Storm Token", "[Event] Zudra's Gift Box", "[Event] Zudra's Impressive Gift Box", and "[Event] Zudra's Prime Gift Box". All items acquired through this event cannot be traded or brokered, and items marked with [Event] may be deleted after notification.

The return of the Hungry Hatchling Event presents a unique opportunity for Aion players to engage in a rewarding and immersive experience. By nurturing your own Stormwing, not only do you get a faithful companion, but you also get the chance to unlock amazing rewards. So gear up and start your nurturing journey in the world of Aion today!

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