Monday, July 3, 2023

Thunder Dragon King Event Pass: Aion Classic's Exciting New Offering

The world of Aion Classic is abuzz with the introduction of the Thunder Dragon King Event Pass, a new and exhilarating opportunity for players to earn free rewards and enjoy an enhanced gaming experience​​.

Pricing and Duration

Announced by the Community Team on June 30, 2023, the Thunder Dragon King Event Pass is priced at 990 Quna. It offers a maximum pass level of 20 and will remain available to the players from June 27 until July 18​​.


The Thunder Dragon King Event Pass promises a plethora of rewards for Aion Classic players. For those who level up their Event Pass, free rewards are available. If players choose to upgrade to the Premium Pass, they can unlock access to exclusive Premium Rewards, enhancing their gaming experience significantly​​.

The rewards vary based on the pass level. For instance, at the first level, players receive 10 Dimensional Shards for free and can claim 50 Dimensional Shards along with 10,000 Stigma Shards if they possess the Premium Pass. As players progress through the levels, the rewards become more enticing. At level 20, players receive 20 Dimensional Shards for free and a whopping 200 Dimensional Shards along with 3 Major Ancient Crown Boxes for the Premium Pass holders​​.

Nethernerk Merchant

Apart from the rewards earned through the Event Pass, players can also use their Dimensional Shards to purchase items from an event-exclusive merchant located in Nethernerk​​.

The merchant offers a variety of items with different price points, maximum quantities, and weekly limits. Some of the items available for purchase include the Box of Dimensional Treasure, Box of Thunder Dragon King's Energy, Damage Heroic Godstone Box, Lv. 55 Optional Time Scroll Box, and several others​​.

Bundles and Items

The Box of Dimensional Treasure, upon opening, allows players to obtain 3 Major Ancient Crowns and 1 Platinum Medal. The Box of Thunder Dragon King's Energy, another notable item, when opened, can randomly provide one of the following: Brilliant Noble Thunder Dragon King's Selection Box, Noble Thunder Dragon King's Selection Box, or the Thunder Dragon King's Selection Box​​.

Each of these selection boxes contains a 'Noble Thunder Dragon King's Weapon'. The Brilliant Noble Thunder Dragon King's Selection Box is especially unique as the weapon it contains is tradeable and can be brokered, unlike the weapons from the other two boxes, which are untradeable and cannot be brokered​​.


The Thunder Dragon King Event Pass is indeed a thrilling addition to Aion Classic, providing players with ample opportunities to earn rewards, upgrade their gameplay, and explore new items. Its limited availability, coupled with the variety and value of rewards, bundles, and items, is expected to keep the players engaged and enhance their overall gaming experience.

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