Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Aion Online's Ice Orb Promotion: A Cool Opportunity for Amazing Rewards

Aion Online, the popular MMORPG, has announced an exciting new event: the Ice Orb Promotion. Running from July 18 to August 8, this promotion offers players the chance to collect and enchant Ice Orbs to obtain a variety of amazing rewards.

Acquiring Ice Orbs

There are several ways for players to gather Ice Orbs during the event. These include:

  • Daily Login: Players can receive +1 Ice Orb (x1) per day as a 1-hour login reward.
  • Instance Bosses: Certain bosses will drop +1 Ice Orb (x1) for the entire party.
  • Black Cloud Marketplace: Players can purchase a 5-pack of +1 Ice Orb for the price of one, with a limit of one per day.

Prestige Pass holders can claim additional Ice Orbs every day. Every 30 minutes, they'll receive +1 Ice Orbs (x2), and can collect up to 24 Ice Orbs daily.

Store Offerings

The Black Cloud Marketplace is offering a variety of Ice Orbs for sale during the promotion. These include:

  • +1 Ice Orb (x50) for 1320 BCC
  • +1 Ice Orb (x30) for 1020 BCC
  • +1 Ice Orb for 40 BCC
  • +1 Ice Orb (x5) for 40 BCC (5 Ice Orbs for the price of 1, limit one purchase per account per day)
  • Brilliant Fragment for 200 BCC (A beautiful piece of multicolored light. Combine with a Frozen Cube to create a Brilliant Prism)

Enchanting Ice Orbs

Once players have collected some Ice Orbs, they can enchant them by right-clicking on them. If they're lucky, their Ice Orb will gain between 1 and 3 levels. However, there's also a chance that the Ice Orb will vanish, leaving behind only an [Event] Melted Ice Orb.

Higher level Ice Orbs will drop additional loot, with +7/+8/+9 dropping an [Event] Broken Bundle, [Event] Crushed Bundle, or [Event] Noble Bundle respectively. Each of these items will contain [Event] Melted Ice Orbs in addition to other items.

If a player manages to reach +10, they'll receive a Frozen Cube and [Event] Brilliant Fragment, which can be combined into a [Event] Brilliant Prism, containing the most powerful rewards of all. There's also a small chance that any enchant attempt beyond +3 can yield a Frozen Cube.

Merchant Rewards

[Event] Melted Ice Orbs can be spent at the event merchant, Abominabelle, for a variety of items. These include [Event] Legendary Transformation Contract (10 types), [Event] Daevanion Essence Bundle (1), Daevanion Skill Selection Box (10 types), and many more.

Item Removal

Players should note that certain items will be removed during maintenance on August 15. These include +1 - +10 Ice Orbs, including those purchased from the Black Cloud Marketplace (and subsequently enchanted), Melted Ice Orb, Frozen Cube, [Event] Broken Bundle, [Event] Crushed Bundle, [Event] Noble Bundle, and [Event] Brilliant Prism. Players are advised to use these items before the promotion ends.

The Ice Orb Promotion is a fantastic opportunity for Aion Online players to enhance their gameplay and earn some incredible rewards. Don't miss out on this cool event!

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