Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Celebrate Autumn in Aion with the Festival Bundle and Country Coat Outfit

Autumn has arrived in Aion, and with it comes a plethora of festive offerings. Players can now indulge in the Autumn Festival Bundle, packed with a variety of items, and don the stylish Simple Country Coat to embrace the season in style.

Autumn Festival Bundle Details

From October 3, 3PM PDT to October 17, 3PM PDT, players can purchase the [BCM] Autumn Festival Bundle. This bundle is a treasure trove of items, including:

  • [BCM] Special Grade Transformation Contract (32 types): 2
  • [BCM] Grade A Rank 4 Minion Contract (5 types) Selection Box: 1
  • [BCM] Pledge Tablet: 10
  • [BCM] Refining Stone/Sanctity Potion Selection Box: 10
  • [BCM] Blissful Coin: 1

The Blissful Coin is a special event currency that players can exchange with the event NPC Haepirinerk, located in Inggison and Gelkmaros, for a range of valuable items.

NPC Merchant Exchange

By trading the [BCM] Blissful Coins with NPC Haepirinerk, players can obtain:

  • [BCM] Transformation Contract Selection Box (17 types): 7 coins
  • [BCM] Grade S Minion Contract Selection Box (10 Types): 5 coins
  • [BCM] Grade S Minion Contract Box (10 Types): 3 coins
  • [BCM] Dazzling Gemstone Selection Box: 2 coins
  • [BCM] +15 Stigma Selection Box: 2 coins
  • [BCM] Prime Runestone Shard Box: 1 coin

Store Update: Simple Country Coat

Embrace the autumn vibes with the Simple Country Coat, available in the store from October 3 to October 17. This stylish coat is perfect for those chilly autumn days and ensures players look their best while adventuring through Aion.

Simple Country Coat Image

Event Conclusion and Item Removal

To maintain the integrity of future events, certain items will be removed post-event during the maintenance on October 24, 2023. These items include:

  • [BCM] Blissful Coin
  • NPC Haepirinerk

Players are encouraged to make the most of these items before the event concludes.

Autumn in Aion promises to be a season of joy, festivity, and style. Whether you're diving into the Autumn Festival Bundle or flaunting the Simple Country Coat, there's plenty to look forward to.

Source: Aion Online.

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