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Garden of Growth Event in Aion Retail: January 2024

Aion Retail is bringing back the much-loved Garden of Growth event, running from January 9th to January 23rd. This event is a call to arms for players level 80 and above to protect the precious crops of the Garden from the invasive Tentakluds and Dukaki Swindlers.

Event Details

  • Duration: January 9 – January 23
  • Level Requirements: 80+
  • NPC/Item Removal Date: January 23

The Challenge in the Garden

Players will enter the Garden of Growth instance, where they must defend the valuable vegetation from enemies. The crops within the garden mature every 10 minutes and can be harvested for items once fully grown. However, the invasive Tentakluds and Dukaki Swindlers pose a threat to these crops, and players must fend them off to reap the rewards. Additionally, players will receive double the experience while inside the garden.

Auto-Hunting Feature

To aid in the defense of the garden, the auto-hunting feature is enabled specifically for this event map. This feature will help players streamline their efforts in protecting the crops but is only functional within the Garden of Growth.

How to Enter

  • Entrances: Located in Inggison and Gelkmaros.
  • Access: One entry per day, with additional entries available via Kinah and Black Cloud Marketplaces.
  • Max Duration: 60 minutes.

Additional Entries

Players can purchase additional entry tickets from NPC Yurmanerk, with a weekly limit on the number of tickets.

Reap the Rewards

Upon successful crop maturation, players can harvest [Event] Experience Crystals. Defeating Tentakluds and Dukaki Swindlers yields experience, [Event] Event Coins, and occasionally [Event] Berdin’s Lucky Stars.

Black Cloud Marketplace Update

During the event, players can purchase the [BCM] Garden of Growth Bonus Entry Scroll, adding one extra entry to the Garden of Growth. This item is available until January 23rd.


The Garden of Growth event in Aion Retail is a fantastic opportunity for players level 80 and above to engage in unique challenges, earn valuable rewards, and experience the thrill of defending the vital crops of the Garden. With the event running only until January 23rd, players are encouraged to join the fray and protect the Garden of Growth from its invaders!

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