Sunday, August 16, 2009

Basic keyboard commands

Here is a list of the basic keyboard commands for Aion. Not much different from other MMORPGS.

W Move Forward

S Move Back

A Move Left

D Move Right

Q The view turn Left

E The view turn Right

PageUp Open the wings

PageDown Hold the wings

R Rise when flying

F Lower when flying

(period) . Walk / Run

NumLock Auto run

P Character window

K Skill window

I Inventory window

Y Personal Shop

J Quest window

M Map window

O System option

G Guild window

L Alliance request

H 1:1 Help

V Search friend

X Peace Mode / Attack Mode

Esc Cancel

Print Screen – Take a screenshot

Tab Choose the nearest enemy

C Normal attack at the target

T Select a user previously whispered

B Soul Attack On / Off

Space Jump

1 ~ = Using skills in the skill slots

Ctrl + 1~= Using skills in the first expanded skill slots

Alt + 1~= Using skills in the second expanded skill slots

, Sit / Stand

F1 Choose yourself

F2 ~ F6 Choose other team members

F7 Choose the nearby player of your side

F8 Choose the players in an area

F10 Main Menu

F12 Hide / Display all windows

Shift + F12 Hide / Display other players

Shift + ~ Hide/ Display chatting area

Shift + T Trade with the target

Shift + Z Switch the weapon

/ + Name Whisper

/W + Name Whisper

/S Normal chatting

/Y Scream function

/T Select a user previously whispered

/P Team chatting

/G Guild chatting

/PP Keep the team chatting channel

/GG Keep the guild chatting channel

/friend + Name Invite a friend

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